IBC Containers for Sale

What is an IBC container?

If you deal with bulk liquids or granular materials, you may have heard about IBC containers, but what exactly are they

First, IBC stands for ‘intermediate bulk container’. The ‘intermediate’ part refers to the capacity, which usually lies somewhere between that of a drum and a tank. They are basically stackable containers mounted on a pallet for the safe storage and transport of substances such as solvents, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, liquid food ingredients and so on.

A typical IBC is usually cubed shaped, which gives it a substantial storage advantage over stacking drums on a pallet within the same footprint. They are produced for sale or lease in a number of different forms, with regulatory requirements and customers’ needs determining the best choice.

The most predominant variety is the one-time use plastic composite IBC. This comprises a plastic container, usually white or clear and often made from polyethylene, which is then protected by a sturdy cage made from a metal such as stainless steel or tubular galvanised iron. The cage is in turn attached to a pallet to allow for easy transfer using a forklift. Most also include some form of tap or valve towards the base of the unit, so a hose can be attached in order to easily transfer the contents to smaller containers.

You can also find full-plastic IBCs for sale, including folding IBC containers that collapse when empty to save space when storing or returning empty containers. Paper IBC containers are available too and may be a more economical and environmentally friendly option in some circumstances.

With the typical plastic and stainless steel composite IBC container, you get various benefits, such as:

  • The rigid design enables vertical stacking.
  • The cubed format provides greater storage in the same footprint compared with stacking tubular containers (e.g. drums) on a pallet.
  • Containers are very cost-effective for bulk shipping.

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