Industrial Machinery Auctions in UK

Scrap Industrial Machinery Auction

Scrap industrial machinery auctions are the best place to recycle your old machinery or buy quality second hand machinery at good prices. Here at Greenplant Stainless, we have more than 20 years’ experience in the scrap metal industry, and our regular appearances at industrial machinery auctions mean we’re often on hand to offer expert advice and unbeatable prices.

When you buy new machinery, you could take your old machinery to a scrapyard and receive the value of the metal in the machinery. However, if it’s still working or can be repaired, bidders at scrap industrial machinery auction can offer excellent prices for old machinery. At Greenplant, this is our specialism.

Where can machine auctions be found?

There are many online machine auctions in the UK. Online auction houses do not usually keep the items for sale at one specific location. Items can be anywhere in the country or even abroad. If a factory is closing down, or being upgraded, then all of its equipment, including machinery, may be auctioned off in one go.

If you want to sell machinery, businesses will buy your scrap industrial machinery, working or not. The machinery will then be sold on to interested buyers or entered in industrial machinery auctions. This process is crucial to the way we work at Greenplant, and allows us to deliver an efficient and cost-effective service when both buying and selling.

The friendly and experienced team here at Greenplant will ensure you get the best price and professional advice you need for your scrap metal equipment. Why not get in touch via our enquiry form, or speak to our sales team on 01254 872287.