STAINLESS STEEL Jacketed Mixer/disperser

STAINLESS STEEL Jacketed Mixer/disperser - 1


Unused T.Giusti & Son Ltd STAINLESS STEEL jacketed mixer disperser approximately 1,230mm dia x 1,250mm on shell and 650mm bottom dish and 250mm bolt-on top dish giving 2,300L total volume (2,000L working volume).

Vessel is has 1.7Bar working pressure (2.6Bar test) and STAINLESS STEEL jacket to shell and bottom dish operates to 3Bar working pressure (6Bar test).

Vessel has dished bolt-on top with gearbox housing for counter-rotating scraper/agitator driver by an SEW Eurodrive motor.

Vessel rests on a mild steel frame with a 2,320mm square footprint.

Fluid dispersal aided by the bottom dish mounted bespoke high shear fitting drive at 3000rpm by a second motor with aperture for a second high shear.  Mounting to the bottom reduces residue buildup and creates vortices which aid even distribution of particles.


Material Of Construction:Stainless Steel
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