Leading Scrap Metal Merchants

As one of the UK’s leading scrap metal merchants, the team here at Greenplant Stainless collects ferrous and nonferrous metals for recycling. Just about any scrap metal can be given a new life, including lead, brass, steel, aluminium and iron.

Materials and equipment that contains metal, such as cables, electric motors and transformers, can be stripped of their metal content for recycling too.

Why use scrap merchants?

Most metal equipment has a limited usage life, leaving companies with all kinds of useless inventory simply cluttering up their premises. By simply getting in touch with trusted, established scrap dealers like Greenplant, businesses can rid themselves of these unwanted items, and get cash for it!

Of course, it’s in any business’s interests to be environmentally responsible too. Mining metals can have harmful effects, including water pollution and the destruction of natural habitats. Recycling metal means that fewer raw materials need to be taken from the Earth, and requires a lot less energy than refining it.

Scrap metal dealers contribute a great deal to the British economy. It’s estimated that they have combined revenue of £3bn a year, so the benefits of getting involved in the industry are obvious.

At Greenplant, we’re happy to accept a range of metal items, and our 20 years of experience means we can offer fantastic prices and expert advice. If you’d like to learn more about scrap metal recycling and why Greenplant should be your first port of call, contact our sales team on 01254 872287, or get in touch via our enquiry form.