Equipment For Sale

Here at Greenplant Stainless, we’re always on the lookout for all kinds of used material that we can reform, restore and give a new lease of life to, so look no further than us if you’re looking to buy or sell industrial machinery equipment.

Based in Lancashire, we’re one of the UK’s leading names in scrap metal, helping out dealers far and wide with some of the best prices and most efficient service you’ll find. We always remember that just because industrial material may have fulfilled its current purpose, it doesn’t mean it can’t be given a new one. Our approach means that items are kept out of landfill and businesses can receive money for equipment they no longer need, so everyone’s a winner!

What can Greenplant recycle?

We’re happy to accept a wide range of chemical and industrial process equipment. If you choose Greenplant, you can be sure that you’re managing your business expenses shrewdly, keeping unwanted inventory to a minimum and helping the environment.

Machinery equipment items we buy include:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Mixers and reactors
  • Shell, tube and plate heat exchangers
  • Vessels and store tanks
  • Mono and gear lobe pumps

With more than two decades’ experience in the industry, we’re able to offer you superb prices and expert advice, whether it’s at one of the many industrial machinery auctions at which we appear, or via our Contact Us form.